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1117 Santa Monica Blvd. • Santa Monica, CA
Mon - Fri 8AM - 5:30 PM. Sat 9AM - 2 PM

What Makes Us Different

Genuine Tire Advice

At Stokes Tire Service, "We don't just sell you tires" We are very different from other tire stores. We care!

We know that tires are the single, most important part of the vehicle you own. The wrong tire for you and your application can have very undesired effects. For instance, poor ride quality, excessive tire noise, general loss of wet and dry traction and poor steering and brake response. All of which is very important to your safety. A wrong speed rating or load index can even be dangerous for you. Tires have become very complex over the years. There is so much to know to get it right. Even more knowledge is required, if you attempt to improve on the manufacturer's choice (not handpicked for you).

This is my favorite part of the business. We use our three decades of tire sales in this geographic to assist you to make a better, more informed choice, and how this right choice of a tire can dramatically alter your vehicle's handling for the better. Who knows, you might enjoy driving the same vehicle that much more.

Mr. Stokes is from Santa Monica. He has lived here his entire life. He knows the roads you drive on. We sell the winners in every tire category. The staff here is extremely friendly, well trained, and very efficient. We will work hard to earn your trust and your business. We aim to make your purchase of tires and the repairs and services required by your vehicle as painless as possible. Our customers have told us repeatedly we are their favorite business that they frequent. Here at Stokes Tire Service, service is king! This is certainly a dying art in this day and age.

We adjust the air pressure according to the specifications and we have the expertise to address any air pressure changes required if you have installed larger custom wheels and tires. Very important!

Quick & Professional Auto Service

Our auto repair shop gets the job done quickly and professionally, with technicians who pay close attention to details. Our equipment is state of the art. Yes, that does make a huge difference! Our tire installers are well trained and can handle the most exotic custom wheels on the market today, using equipment that does not scratch the wheels on your expensive vehicle. This is definitely not the same in many price oriented stores. Likewise, all wheel balancing is done on state of the art balancers. These are the very same balancers we use on the race cars and exotic cars that frequent our store daily, so your car will drive smoothly.

Happy Employees

We hire skilled employees and pay higher rates to ensure long employment. For us, it's important to have a happy staff with members who take pride in their work. We are not a 'price only driven training facility,' but rather a showcase of talent which gives us the ability to produce the quality expected at Stokes Tire Service.

Attention to Detail, Extras & Alignments

New tires receive armor all dressing, and wheels are hand-torque to factory specifications. We have at least three mechanics onsite. While tires are being installed, they check the condition of your brakes, CV boots, axles, shock and strut wear and tire wear patterns that can indicate alignment issues that may need attention. On this note, we at Stokes Tire Service recommend checking vehicle alignment whenever starting off with new tires. The existing wear on your old tires is not always a true indication of whether or not there is an alignment problem. This is because alignment wear develops over time, and we don't know if any pothole or curb damage has recently occurred. We don't want to see you drive two or three thousand miles only to notice excessive wear from unaligned wheels. Only an alignment check can give your vehicle a clean bill of health as far as alignment goes. This check is free with the purchase of 4 tires.

High End Vehicles & Racing Support

If you're a performance enthusiast, let us know. We'll adjust the alignment specifications to obtain better turn-in properties and more grip from the tires to allow higher cornering speeds. Our store has a reputation for providing the best road racing services. We also do corner weighting by request and set ride heights if you have an aftermarket coil over adjustable shock set up. We specialize in higher end vehicles and have a record of success in this endeavor.

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